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Specialist in the search and selection of profiles in the Life Science Sector

in the field of health, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry.

Specialised selection service, to help you access the best professionals in the sector, throughout the product value chain: R&D, Production, Medical, Regulatory, Marketing and Sales departaments.


We help companies in the Life Sciences sector, who are trying to understand life and use this knowledge to benefit people, to find the best qualified professionals to meet their objectives.

We believe that biotechnology is the significant force for improving the quality of life of people in the 21st century. We are well aware of the two-way flow in which ethics influences biotechnology and science, ethics.



It is what transforms a promise into reality, it is the word that speaks with courage of our intentions, it is to fulfill what is promised when circumstances turn adverse... We comply with our obligations, with what we have proposed or that has been entrusted to us. In other words, we live, plan and react correctly in order to carry out a project.


Feeling of respect for moral principles, established commitments or towards a person. We are part of projects, even when opinions differ. The commitment is maintained even if it is sometimes difficult or when the circumstances are not favorable to one's own interests.


Essential value that consists of a fusion of elements such as personal satisfaction and professional satisfaction. For us, passion and creativity are the main keys to generating success for companies. If there is no passion, there will be no success.


It is the intensity to carry out our responsibilities, to work in search of what we want and what the client wants. Rigor implies punctuality and fidelity in the execution of business management so that businesses are viable, sustainable and successful.